The lakes

Swan Lake

Now very much as important as Kingfisher Lake, as a big carp water. With Carp over 50lb, Swan Lake is set to be the place to fish. A Large water about 12 acres, can be weedy - but the fish do show themselves, fish to them. Take notice of the wind direction and plan your session. Big Cats 90lb plus are also resident to Swan Lake, many of which come out to carp anglers on boilies. If you pic1

intend to target these huge fish, try a hair of 2 or 3 35mm halibut pellets. Although we expect you to carry sufficient size landing nets, unhooking mats and weigh slings, if you land one of these monsters and find that you landing gear in not up to it, ring the shop as we have specialist mats and weigh slings specifically for theses specimens.

As we maintain this big fish water, smaller fish are removed to maintain such big fish and if you catch a fish under 20lb consider yourself unlucky. Watch for named fish such as "The Z Fish" and "Dave" which may go over 50lb this season. Watch This Space.