The lakes

Kingfisher Lake

After 14 years the crown of the big fish water sits nicely with Kingfisher Lake. Now firmly established on the big fish circuit Kingfisher Lake has over the years produced some stunning carp, and continues to do so. It is our firm intention that this reputation for big fish does not slip and some form of stock management must be in place to acheive this end. Simply leaving nature to take its course will not succeed. which is why the removal of

pic2 smaller fish from Kingfisher will always continue. It is hoped that that one day Kingfisher will hold nothing but a head of carp over 30lb, and we are trying to acheive just that. With design Kingfisher Lake can acheive a cult status - and any visiting angler can achieve personal best catches or the fish of a lifetime. A Lake where patience and persistance can be rewarded, not for the faint hearted perhaps, but just being on Kingfisher sharpens your senses, magnifies your anticitpation. What if!!