The lakes

Bluebell Lake

Our busiest water - probably. Trying to work out why Bluebell is so popular is difficult. Lots of regulars simply love this water, but there has to be more to it The different species of big fish include Carp to 35lb, Tench over 14lb, Bream over 12lb, Chub over 8lb, Eels over 7lb, Roach over 2lb and Perch over 4lb! Maybe, the angler on an evening ticket simply float fishing corn in the margins for tench at last light, using 4lb line to a size 10 hook, the float dips and slides away - twenty minutes later his target tench appears in the form of a 27lb common - pure magic! Maybe, feeder fishing for a haul of roach - blood red fins - many never having seen a hook before. Maybe , anglers on a 24hr ticked targeting the bream


reporting twenty plus slabs up to 12lb, Maybe.

What ever it is, the pure magic of just being on Bluebell Lake lures anglers back again and again. Probably not knowing just what you will catch , or how big that fish is - is enough reason to fish Bluebell Lake.

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