Big Fish 2017

Email your Big Fish (30lb+) caught on the Bluebell Complex to pictures@bluebell-lakes.co.uk , include details and a means of contact. We would also be interested in other specimen species.

No Date Name Lake Species Weight Pic
  1 22nd February Darren Proctor Kingfisher Common 38lb pic
  2  February to be confirmed Kingfisher   32lb  
  3 17th March Craig Burton Kingfisher Mirror 39lb  
  4 18th March Kristian Oflaherty Kingfisher Common 37lb pic
  5 19th March   Bluebell   30lb  
  6 19th March   Mallard Common 37lb  
  7 28th March   Mallard   31lb  
  8 28th Mary Ryan Daymon Kingfisher Common 34lb  
  9 30th March Mike White Kingfisher Common 39lb 12oz  
  10 30th March Andy Owen Bluebell Common 31lb  
  11 31st March Chris Pemberton Mallard   33lb  
  12 1st April Chris Pemberton Mallard   36lb 10oz  
  13 1st April Kev Maynard Kingfisher Common 33lb 02oz  
  14 2nd April Mark Cox Mallard Common 38lb 04oz  
  15 2nd April   Swan Mirror 38lb  
  16 2nd April   Swan Common 31lb 12oz  
  17 2nd April Aaron Smith Kingfisher   36lb  
  18 3rd April   Kingfisher   37lb  
  19 4th April Wayne Skibinski Kingfisher Common 36lb  
  20 4th April Piotr Bafia Bluebell Common 31lb pic
  21 5th April Martin Bell Swan Common 49lb 10oz pic
  22 7th april John Greaves Swan   32lb 08oz  
  23 8th April Adam Aldred Mallard Common 31lb 04oz pic
  24 8th April   Mallard   38lb 08oz  
  25 9th April   Kinfisher Common 32lb  
  26 9th April Bily Marian Kimgfisher Mirror 33lb pic
  27 10th April Gary Bransford Mallard Mirror 30lb 01oz  
  28 10th April Steve Wright Sandmartin Mirror 37lb pic
  29 11th April Gary Denniss Kingfisher Common 38lb 06oz pic
  30 12th April Craig Burton Kingfisher Linear 32lb  
  31 12th April Aaron Smith Kingfisher Common 32lb 04oz  
  32 14th April Simon Clifford Kingfisher   40lb 08oz  
  33   Carl Beresford Swan   35lb  
  34   Carl Beresford Swan   32lb  
  35 16th April Richard Ince Kingfisher   30lb+  
  36 16th April Richard Ince Kingfisher   30lb +  
  37 20th April Paul Fenech Mallard Mirror 31lb 09oz pic
  38 21st April Richard Kingfisher Common 40lb 04oz  
  39 21st April Steve Wright Sandmartin Common 41lb 06oz pic
  40   Chris Wilson Swan Mirror 30lb  
  41 27th April Mark Hunter Swan Common 41lb 04oz  
  42   Tim Marshall Swan Mirror 39lb 08oz  
  43   Tim Marshall Swan Mirror 33lb  
  44 27th April Nigel Ramsbottom Mallard Common 39lb  
  45 27th April Dave Smith Sandmartin Common 32lb 08oz  
  46 27th April John Sherwood Mallard Common 32lb 04oz  
  47 29th April Dean Henderson Mallard Common 30lb  
  48 30th April Scott Hall Mallard Common 39lb pic
  49 30th April Chris Mallard Common 30lb  
  50 30th April Nigel Ramsbottom Mallard Common 30lb  
  51 30th April Simon Clifford Kingfisher Common 37lb  
  52 30th April Simon Clifford Kingfisher Common 39lb  
  53 30th April Simon Clifford Kingfisher Common 43lb  
  54 30th April Lee Wilson Swan Common 44lb 04oz pic
  55 30th April Jonathan Brown Kingfisher Mirror 42lb  
  56 2nd May Olly Mallard Common 31lb  
  57 2nd May Olly Mallard Common 34lb  
  58 2nd May Jonathan Brown Kingifsher Mirror 38lb  
  59 3rd may Unknown Sandmartin   30lb  
  60 4th May John Sherwood Mallard Mirror 34lb  
  61 8th May Simon Clifford Kingfisher   34lb  
  62 9th May Dave Morgan Mallard Common 31lb 05oz  
  63 12th May Unknown Swan Mirror 53lb  
  64 12th May Unknown Swan Mirror 42lb  
  65 12th May Mark Hambling Kingfisher Mirror 32lb 02oz  
  66 13th May Ben Swan 30lb +