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15th July Mark Stevens lands a 56lb 09oz Mirror from Swan

15th July Mark Stevens lands a 36lb Common from Swan

15th July Ash lands a 35lb Mirror from Swan

15th July Unknown lands a 32lb Common from Kingisher

14th July Anonymous Angler a lands a 40lb Common from Swan

13th July Unknown lands a 33lb Common from Sandmartin

7th July Unknown lands a 39lb Common from Kingfisher

6th July Lea Turner lands a 42lb 08oz Common from Sandmartin

5th July Jamie Burt lands a 32 from Kingfisher

5th July Lee Birch lands a 49lb Common from Sandmartin

4th July John Mills lands a 38lb Common from Swan

3rd June Lee Birch lands a 43lb 08oz Common from Kingfisher

3rd July Chaz Stockhill lands a 43lb 08oz and a 41lb 04oz Common from Kingfisher

2nd July Unknonwh lands a mid-30 from Swan

30th June - 2nd July Kev Hewitt lands a 46lb Common, 32lb 08oz Mirror, 37lb 10oz Common and a 35lb 04oz Mirror from Kingfisher

2nd July Martin Wildman lands a 38 from Swan

1st July Dave Pickering lands a 30lb 12oz Common from Swan

30th June Toby Yates lands a 49lb 08oz Common from Sandmartin

30th June George Foster lands a 35lb 5oz Common from Kingfisher

30th June Shane lands a 41lb Common from Mallard

29th June Gareth Harpham lands a 33lb 09oz Common from Bluebell

28th June Dan lands a 42lb 08oz Mirror from Swan

27th June Unknown lands a a 30 from Mallard

27th June Jon Gill lands a 47lb 14oz Common from Kingfisher

26th June Steve Wright lands a 32lb Common from Mallard

26th June Anthony lands a 32lb 08oz Common from Sandmartin

25th June Jon Cox lands a 30lb 02oz Mirror from Kingfisher

24th June Keanu lands a 34lb Mirror from Bluebell

24th June Gary Denniss lands a 40lb 14oz Common from Kingfisher

23rd June Martyn Essam lands a 40lb 08oz Common from Kingfisher

22nd June Unknown lands a 40 from Kingfisher

21st June Lee Birch lands a 44lb 15oz Common from Kingfisher

16th June Barry Bond lands a 55lb Mirror from Swan

14th June Patrick lands a 34lb 04oz Common from Sandmartin

14th June Oliver Harper lands a 38lb Mirror from Swan

14th June James Fox lands 16 fish including a 54lb Common,45lb Common 3 x 39's and 3 x smaller 30'sfrom Swan

11th June Mick Dewsnap lands a 40lb common from Kigfisher

11th June Kev Hewitt lands a 31lb 14oz Common from Kigfisher

11th June Gary Denniss lands a 34lb 08oz Common from Kingfisher

10th June Jason Holden lands a 30lb 08oz Common from Kigfisher

Opening Times

1st April - 30th September 7.00am - 8.00pm

1st October - 31st March 8.00am - Dusk

 photo 5400.jpg
14th June James Fox lands 16 fish over 5 nights up to 54lb (pictured) from Swan
 photo 4500a.jpg
7th June Mick Maloney lands a new PB with this 45lb Common from Mallard
30th May Kev Hewitt 45lb 02oz from Kingfisher photo 4502.jpeg30th May Kev Hewitt with a  45lb 02oz common from Kingfisher
 photo 4415a.jpeg
21st April Andy Schofield lands a 39lb 15oz Common and this 44lb 15oz Common named Tilly from Sandmartin
16th October 42lb 12oz from Kingfisher photo 16th oct 4212 king.png16th October 42lb 12oz Kingfisher 16th October Kev Hewitt 45lb 13oz from Kingfisher photo 16th Oct 4513 kingy.jpeg16th October 45lb 13oz Kingfisher 2nd October Kev Hewitt 43lb 04oz from Kingfisher photo 2nd oct 4304 king.jpeg2nd October 43lb 04oz Kingfsher
26th September Kev Hewitt 41lb 08oz from Swan photo 26th sep 4108 swan.jpeg26th September 41lb 08oz Swan 25th September Kev Hewitt 46lb from Swan photo 25th sep 4600 swan.jpeg    25th September 46lb from Swan 25th September Kev Hewitt 41lb 06oz from Swan photo 25th sep 4106swan.jpeg25th September 41lb 06oz Swan
25th September 41lb 08oz from Swan photo 25th sep 4108 Swan.jpeg25th September 41lb 08oz from Swan Kev Hewitt 7 Nigths = 7 Forties
13th October James Fox 51lb from Swan photo 5100.jpg13th October James Fox 51lb from Swan
5th August Simon Barker 42lb 02oz from Sandmartin photo 4202.png5th August Simon Barker Lands a 42lb 02oz Common from Sandmartin
2nd August Jon Gill 54lb from Swan photo 5400.jpg2nd August Jon Gill Lands Dave at 54lb
21st July Jordan Dales 39lb 12oz photo 3912A.jpg21st July Jordan Dales with a 39lb 12oz Mirror from Kingfisher
23rd September Dan Bunn 50lb 10oz from Swan photo 5010c.jpg23rd September Dan Bunn lands the Perfect Common at 50lb 10oz from Swan Lake
 photo 5002.jpg15th September Tony Gibson lands the Box Common 50lb 02oz common from Swan
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